About the Program

Girl on LaptopDelta Charter School, a WASC-accredited public charter school in Tracy CA, offers Delta Charter Online (DCO) as a full-time educational alternative for qualified students in San Joaquin and adjoining counties. This free program offers online courses supported by California-credentialed teachers and Education Coordinators, with access to the courses from home, the public library, or our on-site resource center. The online courses and instruction are offered through a partnership with online learning leader, Advanced Academics.

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Whether you need to catch up, get ahead or experience a more flexible learning environment, Delta Charter Online is designed to meet your needs. Complete the program successfully and you'll receive a high quality education and ultimately, a high school diploma!

Personal Support

As a student, you are supported by a trained mentor team of highly qualified teachers, credentialed Education Coordinators, student achievement coordinators and a caring staff devoted to your success. You and your parents receive comprehensive progress reports to keep you informed and constant contact with a member of our staff assists in keeping you on track and on pace to graduate.

Personal Learning Plan

As a student, your Educational Coordinator will consult with you in designing a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) to guide you in your educational journey. You are ultimately responsible for your success. The PLP outlines the academic objectives you must reach in order to successfully complete our program – but can be adjusted to reflect your needs and abilities. If you can finish a course at a faster pace, great! If you need to slow your pace in order to understand and grasp certain concepts, you can work with your Educational Coordinator to re-design your PLP. It's your education – and we are here to help you take charge!


When you choose Delta Charter Online, you make a commitment to achieve your educational goals and we hold every student to the principles of responsibility, integrity, and respect. We believe in you and we want you to believe in yourself!

High Quality Curriculum

The DPOP offers a comprehensive list of dynamic, standards-based, interactive courses in six subject areas. Because your curriculum is completely online and available 24/7, you can learn anytime, anywhere with interactive, real-time teacher support in a safe and secure environment.

On-Site Resource Center

Although you can learn from home and access teacher help through phone, email, or instant messaging, you are welcome to visit our Resource Center in Tracy CA for one-on-one assistance, test taking, or a quiet location to work on your courses. At the Resource Center you will find computers and California-credentialed teachers ready and waiting to assist you.